If you’ve got a story you think the world should know about, or are an expert in a specific field, Newspage can get you into the world’s leading media outlets — for FREE. Below are the some of the key features offered by Newspage in its beta phase. More features are being added all the time.


Your own FREE personal or corporate media centre

Whether you're an individual, charity or company, your Newspage is where journalists can find out everything about you. Add information about yourself or your organisation, upload stories and show off all the media coverage you’ve generated.


A dedicated search engine used 
by journalists globally

Every Newspage can be found through NewsSearch, the Newspage search engine used by a rapid growing number of journalists and bloggers globally to source stories and find new experts to quote and provide insights. Your Newspage is where you're found.


Regular alerts to relevant 
media opportunities

All Newspage users receive regular FREE alerts to breaking and upcoming news stories that they can comment on as an expert, or feature in as a case study. Create 'areas of expertise' that are relevant to you so you never miss an opportunity to #BeTheStory.


Create news stories that can be seen by journalists

Our Stories tool helps you create short and powerful stories in a simple, media-friendly format. Create punchy headlines and add soundbites to make your stories really stand out. And if you like, arrange a Zoom call to discuss your story with an experienced news journalist.


Have your news stories published on Google News

All the news stories you post on your Newspage are automatically added to the Newspage newsWire, a real-time feed of stories available to thousands of journalists to identify new stories. Strong news stories are published to Google News for FREE.


Your stories ranked by a journalist with newsScore

Have the newsworthiness of the stories you add to your Newspage edited and ranked by a top national news journalist. Stories that rank highly will be sent directly to all relevant media FREE of charge.

The first FREE platform of its kind

Connecting everyday people, businesses and charities with the BIG media – for FREE.

Until now, people had to pay a pricey PR firm or agent, rely on luck or do the hard work themselves to get into the mainstream media. Newspage changes that. Whether you’re an individual with a story or particular talent, an academic or business owner with a specific expertise, or a charity that needs publicity, with Newspage everyone has the chance to #BeTheStory.

Create your own branded Newspage in under a minute. After that, add your stories to it, be found by journalists and receive alerts to relevant media opportunities. All for FREE.

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Got a story to tell the world? Let’s write it.

Our NewsStories tool helps you create short and powerful stories in a simple, media-friendly format.

Create a punchy headline, get straight to the point with the finer details of your story, and add a quote to make it really stand out.

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Got expertise in a specific subject field? Show it off

If you’ve got experience or proven expertise in a specific subject field, show it off through our unique NewsAlerts feature.

Whenever a story breaks in the news that you could comment on, you’ll be alerted within the Newspage app as well as on email. Add your comments to Newspage and you could be in the news minutes later.

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