Don’t just READ the news. BE it.

Newspage is the first FREE PR platform dedicated to connecting SMALL UK businesses and charities with the BIG media — for FREE.

If you’ve got a story to tell, or views you’d love to share in the local, national or even international media, create your own FREE Newspage today.

Be seen. Be heard. #BeTheStory.

Get your news and views in front of journalists from all leading media outlets: Daily Mail Telegraph BBC The Guardian The Independent
The first FREE platform of its kind

Connecting everyday people, businesses and charities with the BIG media – for FREE.

Until now, people have had to pay a pricey PR agency to get their charities or businesses into the mainstream media. Newspage changes that. Now everyone has the chance to #BeTheStory.

Create your own branded Newspage in just a few minutes. After that, add your news to it and receive alerts to relevant media opportunities. All for FREE.

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In our beta phase, we’re offering a limited selection of fundamental features that help users be found by journalists and appear in the media for FREE. We’ll be rolling out plenty more features in the weeks and months ahead.


Your own FREE company or charity media centre

Your Newspage is where journalists can find you, and where you can show off all the media coverage you’ve generated. Populate your Newspage with all your news stories and key downloadables.


A dedicated search engine used 
by journalists globally

Every Newspage can be found through NewsSearch, the Newspage search engine used by journalists and bloggers globally to source stories and find new experts to quote and provide insights.


Regular alerts to relevant 
media opportunities

All Newspage users receive regular FREE alerts to breaking and upcoming news stories that they can comment on as an expert, or feature in as a case study. Don’t just read the news, be the news.


Create news stories that can be seen by journalists

The NewsStories tool helps you create short and powerful stories in a simple, media-friendly format. Create punchy headlines and add soundbites to make your stories really stand out.


All your stories are added to Newspage's newsWire

All the news stories you post to your Newspage are automatically added to the Newspage newsWire, a real-time feed of stories available to thousands of journalists to identify new stories.


Your stories ranked by a journalist with newsScore

Have the newsworthiness of the stories you add to your Newspage edited and ranked by a top national news journalist. Stories that rank highly will be sent directly to all relevant media FREE of charge.

Success stories

"The guys at Newspage are freakin’ awesome! They've managed to get us all over the local and national news. As a small business, this is something we’ve never had access to previously, and we are amazed at how Newspage has worked for us. They really care about the Peak name and getting it out there."

Rhys Schofield | Peak Mortgages & Protection Featured in the 'Derbyshire Times'

"Newspage is a godsend for small businesses and a great place for them to share their stories with the world. Newspage is going to be the next big thing!"

Keisha Shah | Teddö Play Featured in the 'Daily Mail'

"Newspage really helped when I wanted some exposure in the local media. A very professional, personal and FREE service that had my story on a local radio station within an hour of publishing it — and in a local newspaper in 24 hours. Will definitely be using them again!"

Oliver Bryant | Tokyo Nights Featured in 'Barry & District News'

"Great work once again from the Newspage team. Lots of media coverage including a live interview on BBC Radio York. If you’re a small business looking for free PR exposure, highly recommended!"

Mark Green Featured on 'BBC Radio York', 'Yorkshire Times' and 'City AM'

"Big shout out to the splendid Newspage UK for the fantastic national coverage for Jam Hot Showband in the past week. If you aren't already involved, get involved!"

Paul Asbridge | Jam Hot Showband Featured in the 'Daily Mail' and 'Independent'

"I'm delighted that I signed up to Newspage as I have appeared in the Daily Mail and on the BBC and the exposure has been great for my business."

Lana Walker | Body & Mind Holistics Featured in the 'Daily Mail' and on the 'BBC'

"Newspage has given us a voice in the national media, which has raised our profile amongst existing and potential clients. We can't thank them enough."

Pam Hamilton | Paraffin Featured on 'BBC Radio Solent'

"Thanks to Newspage for your important work. Our voices are out there because of initiatives like yours!"

Tracy Lynn | Spark Creatives Featured in 'The Chester Standard' and on 'BBC Radio'

"I’ve been bowled over by the coverage the Newspage team are getting me — from the Daily Mail to Marie Claire."

Paula Gardner | The Redundancy Recovery Hub Featured in the ‘Daily Mail’ and 'Marie Claire’

"The Newspage team supporting my business has been a blessing! Super happy with the BBC Radio Devon live interview!"

Tasha Vigille, Cornucopia Emporium Featured on ‘ BBC Radio Devon’

"The team at Newspage have been a huge support to my watch start-up company, securing an interview in The Times, which led to a great deal of traffic and interest."

Andrew Rodger | Planar Watches Featured in 'The Times’

Got a story to tell the world? Let’s write it.

Our NewsStories tool helps you create short and powerful stories in a simple, media-friendly format.

Create a punchy headline, get straight to the point with the finer details of your story, and add a quote to make it really stand out.

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Got expertise in a specific subject field? Show it off

If you’ve got experience or proven expertise in a specific subject field, show it off through our unique NewsAlerts feature.

Whenever a story breaks in the news that you could comment on, you’ll be alerted within the Newspage app as well as on email. Add your comments to Newspage and you could be in the news minutes later.

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